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Introducing the Action Audio player

If you like to stand up paddleboard, kiteboard, wakeboard, surf, sail, Jet Ski, or swim…. the Action Audio player is going to change your life forever.

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The Action Audio Player is engineered to do what other waterproof mp3 players cannot: enable you to effortlessly listen to music in the harshest of environments - places where you push your personal 'envelope of extreme', and where the potential of a sudden unexpected wipeout means you dare not bring more costly electronics. Places and situations where a smartphone dare not tread.

The Action Audio player with Stealth Technology rash guard incorporates the latest in ergonomic wearable tech to keep you shredding hard wherever life’s adventures take you. You wouldn’t drive in your car without music, so don’t settle for silence with your favorite action sport.

Our patent-pending, wearable technology incorporates a rugged IPX8 waterproof MP3 player within a high-tech, purpose-built rash guard. Firm yet flexible mounting means no tug of earbud wires; set-and-forget design keeps you free to focus on more intense activities.

Engineered in the USA to be tough enough to stand up to the heaviest seas and gnarliest wipe-outs, it is fully replaceable and covered under our exclusive ShredReady Guarantee.

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